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Pick from any of these Dodge Caliber accessories that protect, like front end covers / bras, to ones that give your car a sporty look, like a chrome fuel door, to items that support all your hobbies, like bike racks, ski / snowboard racks and water sport carriers, Mopar Dodge has all the accessories you’ll ever need. Our large selection of products for your car means you’re able to get everything in one place, making customizing your Caliber the way you want to easy. Keep in mind, we strive to only sell high quality accessories, whether it be Mopar accessories or aftermarket accessories which are specifically designed to fit your Dodge Caliber.

It’s easy to find the Caliber accessories you’re searching for. Just use the navigation to the left and quickly find them within our catalog. If you’re just starting to look for products to upgrade your Dodge car, we make that simple too. The below accessories are some of the most popular among Caliber owners. And if you have a question on any item or can’t seem to find something, please email us and we'll see what we can do for you.

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